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I offer both daytime and overnight availability. My services are geared towards helping mothers and families during the transitional and transformative time after a child's birth by providing information, education, and lactation support to empower the entire family.

It is my privilege to work with you to collaboratively create a space for you and your family to fully experience the sacred event of bringing a new life into this world. 


My services include:

Overnight infant care

Basic baby care education & support

Lactation Support

Emotional & physical support

Postpartum meal prep

Light housework & sterilizing baby bottles/pumping equipment

Watching the baby so you can rest

Developing home & family schedule

Virtual Support 


*My services are $30 per hour for overnight care

(Moonlight Doula offers payment plans, flexible schedules, and

more to make payment accessible to all)



Beyond postpartum services...

Family meal-planning & postpartum meal preparation can also be added.

For more information or to answer any questions, please email me at

or reach out to 267-259-9870 via call or text.

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