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As your birth doula I will support you throughout your prenatal and birth journey. I help women create a calm and empowering space to bring a newborn into the world. I provide guidance and bodywork through labor (e.g. pressure point massage, Rebozo Sifting, as well as  other assistive labor tools), training in relaxation techniques , natural pain relief, comfort and a calm presence.



My services include:

Initial introductory & consultation meeting

2 prenatal visits

Our two prenatal visits are a chance for us to get to know eachother & to provide a secure space where you can ask questions and practice labor positions & relaxation techniques before birth. They are tailored to your individual needs and comfort so you will feel prepared on your big day. 

Examples of what our prenatal visits could look like:

Visit 1: Discuss your birth plan, hopes & fears; and design your ideal birthing space (with essential oils, music, assited labor tools, imagery, etc..)

Visit 2: Practice relaxation techniques for labor and birth & work on a birth mandala to hang at your birthing center

Accompany you during labor & birth

1 postpartum visit

Unlimited phone & email support

On call from week 38-42 of your pregnancy

Lactation Support




Beyond Birth Services...

 I offer belly casting &  birth photography.

For more information or to set up services please email me at

or call 267-259-9870


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